Monday, June 20, 2011

I got T's up to teeth.

I am just 2 weeks from Sri Lanka and there it is like there are no taxes paid and the cost of nameless brand name Polo's. It is just like the prices of a low or no tax paid t-shirts. I think that is a great because it is  suitable prices for my budget. I am still looking around in the world what kind of markets you can find. I am a huge fan of white-T's or printed T shirts or Polo's.

Polo's look very classy and I think this summer I am going to wear some top notch Polo's from an industrial country like Sri Lanka. On the regular clothing market you can find the hottest styles out in New York, Paris and Tokyo. I have now quite a collection of Polo t-shirts and I will continued to collect more. That is because I like it. If you are from New York you know that trends come and go but for the summer Polo's are really needed for me now on.

If you have a business idea to distribute a Polo line then I would for sure check out the Sri Lankan market what they have to offer. I think I am soon going to set up a business in Polo’s. It can be quite a challenge to launch a product.

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