Monday, November 30, 2009


Tragedy Khadafi is an American Rapper from Queens. He used to go by the name of Intelligent Hoodlum. He is born on 18 1971 in Queens New York. More names such as Capone and Noreaga, Nas and Cormega are all from Queens. His name reference to the Libyan head of state called Omar Qaddafi.

He had begun his career as Superkids with Hot Day. They released the single called 'Go Queensbridge' in the year of 1985. This made them left to discover by Queensbridge veteran Marly Marl. This made Khadafi a junior member of the Juice crew. He joined Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and MC Shan. Khadafi became a five percenter and went on working under the name Intelligent Hoodlum. He released very controversial album called Intelligent Hoodlum.

Later on he made a track with Capone and Noreaga called 'LA, LA'. This was a reaction to the Dogg Pound track called 'NY, NY'. In 2001 he released the album called 'Against all odds'. In 2003 he released the album called 'Still reporting'. In 2005 he released the album called 'Thug Matrix'. He also released 'Blood ballads' and 'Thug Matrix II'. I think Khadafi is a great rap talent form NY. He has not gained much commercial success, but he continues with serving dope raps to the fans.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Capone and Noreaga.

In 1996 Capone and Noreaga signed a deal with Penalty records. They were featured in the unsigned hype column. In 1996 before the debut album was finished Capone went to prison for parole violation. Noreaga got help form various QB artists to finish the album. The War Report album contains great tracks like 'LA, LA' and 'Driverseat'.

This album was commercial and critical acclaim. Release of this album was a new beginning of the Gangster rap era of the east coast. In 1999 the second album was released this album was called 'The reunion'. This is a great album with famous guest appearances. In 2004 there was a mixtape released it was called 'what's up to the hood thugged out'. In 2005 Capone was released form his label called Def Jam. In the same year Capone recorded the album. 'Pain, Time and Glory'. In March 2009 CNN released the album called 'Channel 10'.

This Queens duo make dope hip hop music. Capone and Noreaga are childhood friends. They continue to bring hip hop music from New York to the next level. I think the solo projects of the duo are fruitful. I hope that this Queens duo stick together for long time to bring us dope hip hop music

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jay-Z is a great entrepreneur.

Shawn Corey Carter is also known as Jay-Z. He is a New York rapper and an intelligent
Businessman. He is one of the most successful businessman and a rapper. I think I like Jay-Z for being a businessman first. Because it is obvious that he brings that knowledge from the studio to the stage. I think it is important to rappers have some sort of foundation in working ethics.

I think rapper Jay-Z has a strong working ethic. He seems much disciplined in his behaviour. He works hard and this make the rap business go around. I think he is a dope rapper. That is a second thing I like about him. His flows changed through the years. On an early track with Big Daddy Kane and Big L he raps were fast and nowadays his raps seems to be no more show and improving with outdated flows. I am a fan of his clothing line called I think the watches are of the finest quality. He is also the owner of the New Jersey Nets.

He is originally from Marcy housing projects. He and AZ use to go school together. His nickname use to be Jazzy. This later became Jay-Z. He had much interest in music since the early stage. His musical master is known as Jaz-O.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inspiring Queens rappers.

I am mostly inspired by rappers from Queens. I think they have something special value to add to the hip hop community. I find that lyrically they have brought the allure of glitter and glamour to the stage. I think it is great they have Mafioso names.

For example Capone of CNN. He writes quite tight raps. He is also a great producer. I think this is great he is a multi talented rapper. I think Nas is also a great rapper with a mob name like Escobar. They all move like the mob and represent the mob. I think these rappers are keeping it real with the turn tables and the microphone they rock front of big crowds but also on block parties. Also relatively unknown rappers from Queens like Mussolini, Imam Thug and more rappers are representing a street vibe that is grim. They represent NYC well. On the album of Q.B's finest all the shine and allure of Q.B rappers shed light on the rap fans.

Q.B finest 2001 is a great track that brings much street vibe into the hearts of those who loves the Queensbridge rap. If you like check this video out click here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I rhyme for mine.

It is on with my poems, songs from
dusk till dawn, I eat prawn,
zone from midnight till the early morn,
grown rapper put in work,
rappers get trapped, some straped,
the words I blend, like herbs and choclate,
the birds I don't cook, the inner city roughness,
the city seems grimy, I rhyme for mines,
I want sun shine, my thoughts are combined,
the fine raps for the kids to drop,
from the corners to the docks I get props,

The super rap hero, the dissy flow,
hear me, cheer me, I will set it off,
set you free like a kite, I am hype like,
a psyic, the type to invite, I get busy,
I do not bite, I unlike the most cats with toast,
out to brag and boast, on the tracks to quote,
the facts to paint like graffiti on a murl,
the serum for the snake bite, the fake type out to make papers right?
I practice the science of man, women and child,
the people need to know the civilization,
of the Asian, holding down the nation,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Divine breath.

No time for playing, I'll be spraying,
verbal aerosol, the essence of rap,
I am not stressing the facts,
why chaps fake moves, clap tools,
spill brew, chill is my mood,
no troop can blam, my moves too smooth,
keep you in check, loops and tunes,
for me to groove, not that rude

chedder I got that too,
for better I break the fool,
the head cat, get bread back,
from the initial state to now,
rhyme best, evil appears with nine heads,
wetting like regal gear, I blow divine breath.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Garden of Eden.

I reside in the garden of Eden,
the oasis with gods and the earths,
science of man, woman and child,
I practice since birth,
I am illing from here to Perth,
the sound you never heard,

word I sling the pronounce,
more bounces to the sound,
I am down like gravity,
matter fact I am actually,
ahead for bread, streets run red,
the style never dead, alive and live vibe I represent.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Build to last.

I am build to last, trash rapper talk,
enemies with metal ready to blast,
they straped like TuPac,
with two glocks, rude but true,
I laugh when the next man fake,
for God's sake I cake up raps,

The hip hop fanatic
at this, out for chips,
move slick, groove sick,
to the beats, I never fake moves on beats,
rappers crap the beats, for the streets,
and peeps in Jeeps, I do this, word !

Friday, November 6, 2009

Flaming arrows

can not duck the rain of flaming arrows,
the sound travels fast, the trouble,
bubble on the corner, I am out to
become an owner, the ruler,
the original man's ritual is busting,

dope raps, for gold plaques,
Making more fatter, you know that
I flow fat, do not sweat, ahead
Of the rest, do not test, getting,
Bread, the streets run red,
I am fed up with gun bust.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Phrase paragraphs

The vocals are graphics, the massive hits,
As if my lines are in motion like a flick,
sick rappers, Yo serve the remedy,
silly willies are still a friend to me,
Hill Billies me chill with, the
Asiatic kid phrase paragraphs,

No gun I pack, my raps are more than hammer blast,
Grammar sling, the poet is on a thug thing,
Build to last, I dash with my stash,
For cash me flip quick fast,
Not into talking trash, Like Christopher walking the path,
Stalk the pray, Gods must be crazy,
Me I never been lazy,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

N.O.R.E album review.

I think rap music from the east coast have a special allure. They shine big in the hip hop scene. I think one of the rappers that remind me of that certain bling is Noreaga. I bought his album called N.O.R.E. This album contains great tracks.

I think the song called N.O.R.E is a great song with ill raps that shows the lyrical ability of Noreaga. This album I was pumping when it was snowing outside this is a real chill vibe. This album is also produced by Kiam Capone. It has lots of featuring like L.O.X, Cam'ron, Busta Rhymes, Kool G Rap, Nas, Nature, Big Punisher.
I think the most memorable line of the whole album is 'I ain't got no love for you’ and so on.

This album is a classic. I think Capone and Noreaga have done lot of work creating these tracks.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Word I invent.

The slamming vandal, walk like Jesus,
Thesis peaceful and make the dough,
Break the enemies with flows, the flawless,
Gems are my hymns, what I drop on the spins,
Interest in Benz and skins is immense, never tense,
Smooth styles for the streets pal,

I am back at the craft, the best and move like a game of chess,
No act, more fact, slow and fast, blast rugged raps, I am blessed,
No one can test peep while I rap the unique methods,
Math and wrath was a bloodbath, check out the righteous path,
The original man has the stack to present, word I invent.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Off the map

I blaze cubans with aroma, phrase glazed styles,
the low profile, the Asiatic child,
hold down the grounds from oversees,
I got to rap for my cheese, no need to be straped,
I front not, peace kids, ease and breath,
the scene lit like trees, the sqadron of supreme mc's,
at least I can preach peace in my thesis,
Like Jesus,

I represent the streets, the life and the rhymes and beats,
you know out to flow, staying low and playing big, my enemies
want to hold hands, that is not all man,
my style 360 degrees like the plasic plate,
the prolific raps, you can not mess with,
watch you step might collapse off the map kid.