Friday, December 7, 2012

What I like to drink

I am not much of a wine drinker. I like to drink bubbly that is the favorite wine that I like to drink. If you buy wine then you have to read the Wine Etiquette clearly.

 If you not aware you might buy wines that you do not want. If you read the Wine Etiquette then you know exactly what you are buying. Also you can get lots of information from the Wine Etiquette. So if you are a drinker of the wine brands that you are already familiar with then there is no problem. If you are going to drink a bubbly wine and buy a regular wine then this situation can be a problem.

I like to drink Moet. This is a great bubbly. This has lots of flavor. I also drink beer. I think beer is also a fine drink. I think it is great to pop a brew to socialize. I think there are very cheap wines. I also drink wine called Lambruscco. This is 1,89 euro in the supermarkets in Holland.

I used to hook up with friends on the weekends to get our drink on. This is unforgettable when it comes to having fun. I think drinking with limits can not harm. If you drink do not overdo it.

Like a harp

Lyrics I kick, the slick thick raps for fly ladies and gents, getting bent, pay the rent and send to do the God's work, I beam like Captain Kirk, getting the word out, more clout to spit, more fly raps to make hits, paper chase, my style laser babe, with another words sharp, play rappers like a harp,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I need a visa card

It is not easy to get a credit card in Holland. I have to make 1500 Euro per month to get approved for a credit card. If you ever have wonder how to get a Visa prepaid debit.

 Then you can explore the Internet for a great deal. I want to buy a software to make hip hop beats. Since I have no skills with producing with Akai MPC. I can make it easy for my self to produce with a software. To buy a software Visa prepaid debit is an outcome.

 To buy clothing, shoes or other digital products. Then a credit card is great. It is easy and secure. There are lots of possibilities if you want to shop online. At every online shop you are able to pay with a debit card. I am going to buy a software called Sonic Producer. I thought maybe I can ask my father to help me out. I am going to wait. I have produced in the past with the same software. And the results are great. I think Visa prepaid debit is a great option if you like to shop online.

There are no waiting time in the line to buy. I think Internet made it easy to decide and orientate when you want to shop online.

I am kicking.

I am kicking the finger licking flavor which is major for paper, player hate not, the plots are set up to get shot, me not getting got, out for props, eating Lachs, smoking mad narcs, spark never hard stuff, the god set trends, blend dope raps for soul claps, me I am all that, out for bread, doubt I take your breath like a giant snake, applying the techniques which are unique.