Monday, February 15, 2010

Cold brag.

What the deal? There no realing for fake ones,
for God's sake I cake up raps, never broke wax,
I want soul claps, I ball fat, roll that green,
fall back, cold facts spitting, I am hitting,
The jackpot, thoughts that is dope, it is a
cold brag, smoked like salmon rappers be,
the traditional recipe for ones who's blessing me,
ladies use to stress me, thugs use to test me,
black kid from Asia where the best be,
Kick like Wesley Snipes, the hype physic,
ill like Mike, build like sheiks in the dessert,
into deep like seeking treasures,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Unwind in a six.

As If my vocals are graphics, I came to tell the story straight,
balling great, all the plain facts, in insane raps,
nobody can claim that, I am the main act,
reign and rule, I make rappers loose their loot,
not strapped like a boot, but raps are smooth,
clap no tool, act cool, the black kid with soul,
All the non believers are done, run with the guns,
front on me I show you styles, indeed peep this for awhile,
I came long way pal, with lyrics that is sick,
no gimmicks but the realism, unwind in a six,
come grind with the rhyme mastermind, need a fix?
for chicks and thugs I flip like a dosage of narcotics,
like a magician I got mad tricks,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No hydro.

No hydro but a tight flow, alright,
the bright type of insights, take you to new heights,
like kites, do not bite just write, mad fights last night,
cops want bribe, stand tall and ball with a golden soul,
no role play this is life, this is like living the last days,
some go fast forward, no replay, masses chase wealth,
some passive with raps no action, drop lyrics about fashion,
I am asking my self why all these rappers whacked son,
guns blow daily that is how they view us,
no love to be found, I am down like a meteorite,
not that complex, the content about combat,
the context is bomb threats, come check the ill formatted,
dope raps for soul claps

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I rock.

Who got it on lock, bust raps like a glock,
why get knocked? I guess it is all about the buck,
I see why you stuck, So bro you need an other profession,
such as rapping, not gat clapping,
bring the instrumental, I centre the mental,
for fly ladies gentle, I make it rough,
I am hard like hockey puck, I rock Iraq to Kuwait,
the weight of the cow meat from the street is huge,
I am acting smooth in the booth, I get rude since my mood,
is all hood, give the punk rappers the boot,
what the deal, what I drop for props,
never stop hops, forget about drops and yachts,
let’s rock spots and drop top notch hip hop.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Set the mood right.

I reign like I am the ruler, the fly girl fooler,
dope songs on in my poems, deep like the cyberspace of Lawnmower Man,
I am all sober, not slinging grams, so scram fam, my vocals blam,
the vandal walk like Jesus, thesis is peaceful, streets and the beast,
how to escape the eternal fire, desire for spinning higher,
not singing is a choir, the flyer individual with the daily ritual,
the ill villain, give you a feeling, that is real,
ball out and go to all extremes, fiend for all the cream,
mind state all green, surviving the rough times by any means,
so it seems, the greed is taking over, Strike with a hype,
the snake bite of a cobra, set the mood right like a opera.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

You better ink.

The freestyle fanatic, the addict to caffeine,
the supreme slang to stimulate your thoughts,
I do this rap thing for a sport, name a court,
I flame the target with hard hits, spark it,
the dark kid, making heads nodding,
The Asian is all about innovation, spacing with,
my feet up, set the vibe like channel live,
check out the station of identification,
flavour lacing, from the attic to the streets,
the endangered species on the beats,
peace, I take you higher than trees,
ease and breathe, the scene lit like trees.
Freeze your wrist might be, bling and bling,
Showing off your mink, I think, you better,
Ink, the dope raps, for soul claps.

Friday, February 5, 2010

No wilding.

No wilding, bring the sound from here to Ireland,
the low pro hip hop hero, the champ stomp cats,
bomb raps to ear drums, the calm act I fear none,
I am aware that people might stare at what I do,
do not care, do not hate the player or the game,
isn’t nothing changed, gain props and hot rocks,
the buttery dough what I am after, if you ain't,
touch with the rapture, I have to blast you,
stop talking trash, check out the righteous path,
check the math, sick like a horror flick, outcome,
was a bloodbath, I got to get stacks, check,
I wreck, the vocals blow like techs, texts flex,
What is next, the best is out to sling the dope,
Grammar, not hammer blasting thing,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love, peace and happiness.

Is there ever going to be love, peace and unity in hip hop music? I think it is hard to reach these above mentioned goals in the hip hop community. There are many music genres where there is a harmony. I think that is not in the nature of the hip hop culture. I think there is an element from the streets involved with the hip hop culture.

Love: Where ever there is love people can work together and achieve something. This is in the hip hop culture that is why there are so many collaborations are in the game of rap. I can give you an example the song called "Black republicans" is a song made my former enemies who became friends and made a great hit. Nas and Jay-Z are hip hop's big names in the hip hop music. I think showing love is the way to get things done.

Peace: Where ever there is love there is peace. I think in the today's hip hop culture there is lots of peace between rappers. I think rappers Cam'ron and Ma$e are really cool. They influence other rappers to collaborate and achieve riches.

Unity: Where ever peace and love is there can be unity. I think there is a lots of people need to join in some sort of community to take them out of the social isolation. There is the Templeofhiphop for all the heads out there who like to study the hip hop culture. In this case you can be part of a culture.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Capone and Noreaga.

This is one of my favourite rap duos of all time. They have given many contributions to the hip hop community. They released songs like T.O.N.Y, L.A, L.A, Driver seat and many more on their first album.

The solo projects were really successful. The solo album of Noreaga called N.O.R.E was partly produced by Capone. This album was really a success. This album contained songs such as Superthug and N.O.R.E. The beats are great. The video of Superthug is shot in a mansion and in a dessert. This beat is mad hype. The solo project of Capone called 'Pain, time and glory' is an underground hit. It contains many guest featurings of Grim team.

If you like east coast rap music this is the rap duo you got to check out. They are really shining in the rap music world.

Monday, February 1, 2010

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My style unique.

Who at this? the hip hop fanatic dropping gems,
my hymns for the spins, blend poetry with beats,
sweet and no beef, because I speak no evil,
keeping my style unique for my people,
wetting heads with the fluid like regal gear,
be aware do not stare at the young wiz kid,
I might flip, and make your heart beat skip,

I see people slide in fat cars, like stars,
by far I practice my body, soul and my mind,
drinking wine is not me, my freestyles flow,
for free without charging a fee, see further,
how I do, staying true not spilling brew,
stand in between the crowd like an interlude.