Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love, peace and happiness.

Is there ever going to be love, peace and unity in hip hop music? I think it is hard to reach these above mentioned goals in the hip hop community. There are many music genres where there is a harmony. I think that is not in the nature of the hip hop culture. I think there is an element from the streets involved with the hip hop culture.

Love: Where ever there is love people can work together and achieve something. This is in the hip hop culture that is why there are so many collaborations are in the game of rap. I can give you an example the song called "Black republicans" is a song made my former enemies who became friends and made a great hit. Nas and Jay-Z are hip hop's big names in the hip hop music. I think showing love is the way to get things done.

Peace: Where ever there is love there is peace. I think in the today's hip hop culture there is lots of peace between rappers. I think rappers Cam'ron and Ma$e are really cool. They influence other rappers to collaborate and achieve riches.

Unity: Where ever peace and love is there can be unity. I think there is a lots of people need to join in some sort of community to take them out of the social isolation. There is the Templeofhiphop for all the heads out there who like to study the hip hop culture. In this case you can be part of a culture.

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