Friday, February 12, 2010

Unwind in a six.

As If my vocals are graphics, I came to tell the story straight,
balling great, all the plain facts, in insane raps,
nobody can claim that, I am the main act,
reign and rule, I make rappers loose their loot,
not strapped like a boot, but raps are smooth,
clap no tool, act cool, the black kid with soul,
All the non believers are done, run with the guns,
front on me I show you styles, indeed peep this for awhile,
I came long way pal, with lyrics that is sick,
no gimmicks but the realism, unwind in a six,
come grind with the rhyme mastermind, need a fix?
for chicks and thugs I flip like a dosage of narcotics,
like a magician I got mad tricks,

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