Monday, February 8, 2010

Set the mood right.

I reign like I am the ruler, the fly girl fooler,
dope songs on in my poems, deep like the cyberspace of Lawnmower Man,
I am all sober, not slinging grams, so scram fam, my vocals blam,
the vandal walk like Jesus, thesis is peaceful, streets and the beast,
how to escape the eternal fire, desire for spinning higher,
not singing is a choir, the flyer individual with the daily ritual,
the ill villain, give you a feeling, that is real,
ball out and go to all extremes, fiend for all the cream,
mind state all green, surviving the rough times by any means,
so it seems, the greed is taking over, Strike with a hype,
the snake bite of a cobra, set the mood right like a opera.

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