Friday, February 5, 2010

No wilding.

No wilding, bring the sound from here to Ireland,
the low pro hip hop hero, the champ stomp cats,
bomb raps to ear drums, the calm act I fear none,
I am aware that people might stare at what I do,
do not care, do not hate the player or the game,
isn’t nothing changed, gain props and hot rocks,
the buttery dough what I am after, if you ain't,
touch with the rapture, I have to blast you,
stop talking trash, check out the righteous path,
check the math, sick like a horror flick, outcome,
was a bloodbath, I got to get stacks, check,
I wreck, the vocals blow like techs, texts flex,
What is next, the best is out to sling the dope,
Grammar, not hammer blasting thing,

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