Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lyrical bomb spit.

My rhymes are sick like it is out of a Vietnam flick,
the Asiatic calm kid got lyrical bomb spit,
the hard hits I present invent and set trend,
with the hype flows, the for sure blow, and you know,
the style that is untouched, the roughness no bluffing,
split a Dutch and watch how I rhyme great raps designed,
check out the whole nine, so fine.

Check the dope sounds from the underground, while you wonder how,
I bring the thunder, now, gats spit like blauw, and I admit that I can spit,
the hype flows to show how this should be done,
I am not the one to clown around,
the glow of my chain is blinking,
just link and sink in your thoughts,

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ill rhyme patterns.

The brown skin king to drop poems off the dome,
crown me, do not clown me, I am down, get busy,
bring the sound kid, from the underworld, No bid,
get rid of snitches, we all got eyes on riches,
many ended up in ditches, money is the root of all evil like witches,
I am not rude at all, step correct when you approach me,
foes frozen I roast you with toast,
ghost you with poems, it is known like flavour of prawn,
do the dirt by my lone some, act grown and mind your tone, son.

grammar sling the thug thing, the rapping ritual of superior spiritual,
witness the slickness, the remedy for the sickness,
the convo is thick, betting not or sweating,
the ill rhyme patterns, form here to Manhattan,
fly ladies in satin

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Soul and mind combine.

I be at the coast, catching a sun tan,
no sweaters or heaters needed, not getting drunk,
or weeded, I serve rappers in a hurry like rice and curry,
vision never blurry, Use to rock South Pole pants and understanding,
of this Asiatic kid is advanced, dance to smooth tunes under the moonlight,
set the mood right, rhymes I shine with,
soul and mind combine, I see people fine dine,
I represent the whole nine, always something fresh to rap,

Smooth stepper, the brass drinking loud mouth story teller,
slick raps for everybody, I sling no shotty,
thugs crime like Gotti, rocking the party,
no one can stop me, do not care if you know karate,
my raps goes click clack what I am a paparazzi?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The divine glock nine called rap.

Eyes on the ocean view, sun tan lotion,
for my skin, and I begin with ill sentences,
deeper than Rollie and a Benz mind state,
I stay laced with dopest beats and spit,
in a hype, the type you never seen before,
you need to explore all about the Asian,
It is not all about paper chasing,
Destroy Satan, with the divine glock nine,
called rap, the metaphorically all that,
fall back you fools, I represent the Now school,

You Rainman, eating swine and cause you know the girl next door,
thinking you are playing man, I am slain ehh, you laim ass,
this rap no politics of scholar ships, streets are involved,
so guns blow, sons run though, stay where you be at,
rats can not step in a dope manner, smell the gunpowder of smoking hammers,
the dope rap kid holding down the nation, PraShawn snap your neck like prawn dome,
no more home grown.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I got rhymes.

Word up, I see murder plots and cats that gets knocked,
Blocks with crack spots, I got rhymes and beats for the street to rock,
I talk no bull shit, ill raps that spit like a full clip,
the scripts are written to be hitting with freestyles,
in mean while sit back and watch, pop some scotch,
check out top notch hip hop, out to get props,

lyricism for heads to check, I wreck and rip with styles,
word to God I got to eat, It ain’t sweet,
I do not talk the talk if I can not walk to the beats,
My raps is the truth, metaphors are real,
Euphoric dope raps you can explore like the core of art of war,
I got to flow, for a higher cause I work without a pause,

Friday, January 22, 2010

The truth.

I attack on wax, countless mic checks, flex texts,
stack like bricks, stash like chips, the props the main issue,
rhyming about drops and yachts, not me to diss you,
keeping it real the raw deal, four wheeling the sub urbs,
some people high of bubbly and herbs,
feeling all right, battle tight, never snake you,
there are enough fake dudes are around, I will break you,
like a b-boy, fly ladies smooth,

I give you the truth, not rude it is bitter,
my moves are like a game of chess, I have never been a quitter,
the lines spitter, out to make hits, no doubt never fake sick,
I take cake and make way now,
stakes are high, guns pop, I get props, rock spots, from the corners,
to the docks, pumping LOX, into deep with sharks,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I witness.

Can not be stopped, the lyrics form like the articles,
the chronical, punch lines fly till it is bed time,
form here to Kuwait, I move my muscles and flex,
hop out of the whip, bomb graffiti text,
this kid cool and calm, I am a grown man with plans,
under the full moon to dope tunes and beats, soon I return,
to earn to burn, never turn my back on my people,
for instance I witness lots of snitching,
striking distance with those oppose the frozen cold flow,
in motion like a flick, ill poetry, grooves too slick,

The individual is the murder raps slinger, the gutter butter,
ill formatted dope rhyme thinker, never stutter,
in another words I am narcotics type of lines inker,
bragging boasting is the daily ritual,
tagging, tongue tosses and turns, of course the bosses max in flavour,
cross waters and borders for paper, thugs dream about chips,
grip the microphone and zone from midnight till the early morn,
sling for cheddar, word is bond.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Serve the mankind.

Grind and rhyme all the time, no falling behind,
all soul and rhythm and blues and jazz, newest,
rapper out, I got clout, down with the underground,
Like a crown I shine, the ruler, the scholar who hollers,
showing true colours, flowing with styles,
low from the mainstream hype, the main thing to make hits,
I break like b-boy, for god's sake, my art great, spark like a scud,
mark the techniques, hard hitting and spitting ill formatted,
dope raps. fall back, I got cold facts, why fools like you all really paid,

The preservertists, serve the mankind,
angels with 7 swords, with the wrath,
and bless the righteous man, my people,
got the brightest plans, from goons under the full moon,
to hustlers, some need the slightest gram, we sharp like a harpoon,
fiends and thieves, guns and all the hype, now what the deal?
small time schemes grow, ball all the time, do not get between bro,
I am like a high roller, could of being a slave,
for Coca Cola, I choose the rhythm, let it hit them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ill with vocals.

Ill with the vocals, chill with kids wishing a soulful,
formatted dope raps, me I am all that, dressed in all black,
some need to fall back and do not stress the facts,
That I am holding down the underground, lyrics,
without gimmicks, the slick raps for you,
so grab your brew, gather up your crew,
hear, what I send through the wire, for a higher cause,
I work boss, hotter than chilly sauce,
pause rhythms, and begin with fly sentences,

Focus like a lens, doper slang, do not hang,
on every word I say, You might light herbs,
I do not play hate, I am on time without delay,
I spray like graffiti, from sub urban to the city,
got it on lock, the block knows my name,
aim for more fame, play the competition like a ball game,
no matter the weather, it is fat, I drop this for props,
use to rock Perry Ellis sweaters.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where I am at.

Rap fast and slow, wrath blast and make dough,
where you be at? I make moves and fed up with drug plots,
massive murder rates, thieves and rapists,
kids scheme, teaming up, beaming and dreaming,
fiend for cream, the dollar slang, the street scholar,
with plans, holler for an anti blam, blam jam,
my hood is grimy, sudden deaths, cats take breath,

People die, slugs fly, young minds wasted,
green bags are rolled, actual facts,
coming at you, I bet you had to sweat to get where you be at,
why getting wet up, if can see through the set up,
some jokers are fake, we make and for god's sake,
for props and to rock the hot spots, I am focused,
like a lotus above the waters, my sound can not be,
unnoticed, the underground rapper, not a gun clapper,
what I got on my heart, is preserving the hip hop culture,
art of rapping just nod, I got the smarts to drop knowledge,
from the start, word to God, you heard the audio visual version,
I rap for props,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Centre the mental.

I am a goon creeping under the full moon,
soon I find a tune to kick my slick raps,
sharp like a harpoon, spark the mic from mid night,
till noon, harsh like the third world,
smart creative original lyrics,
the slick convo no gimmicks,
thick vocals entire for ladies desire,
for my brothers I kick this with wisdom,
knowledge for the temple to uplift them,
centre the mental, lord,
I flex my next text the best way, soulful above the norm.

The position I am in you wishing,
catching tans while I am fishing,
intense with sentences no limits,
the gent not bent these days,
forget he says she says,
Check what I display, the visual,
I do not play hate, the ritual of bragging,
and boasting from coast to coast,
the host with most hype texts.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I love hip hop music.

I think it is great to be a hip hop fan. I am not from New York that is why I am not familiar with all the New York slang. I think what makes the hip hop culture great is that the streets are involved. Hip hop music's main purpose was to keep the kids off the streets. In the early stage of the hip hop culture it was achieved by the oldschool rappers.

Nowadays the streets are involved with rap music. The main figures in the hip hop culture are the street smart rap artists. I think that is okay too, because this is a great opportunity for the street kids to make it big in the rap game. I think it is all right to kick knowledge on the microphone. It is also all right to represent the streets through the raps. I think the most famous rappers like Pac, Biggie, Nas and Jay-Z are street wise rap artists. They influenced the young generation of rappers in a great manner. They were the ones who brought the streets back. In the mid eighties rappers like Rakim and Kool G. Rap were the early adopters of the street smart raps. They originated gangsta rap. Soon the west coast rappers took over and dominated the charts with gangsta rap. It is great that hip hop music became main stream in USA, because it is a great way for rappers to eat. I think even the underground rappers can shine if they stay true to the style they master.

I love hip hop music. It made me a rich soul. I hope hip hop music can survive the time, which is still to come. I hope there will be new generation of rappers who is willing to come with their own styles and keep rap music a diverse music genre.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The one man alliance.

I will rhyme; fine lines combine with beats,
ear to the streets, I pack no heat,
stack more lyrics; bust this for my peeps in Jeeps,
freestyle fanatic, who at this? It will be me,
free your minds; it is all science, the one man,
alliance, show you peace signs, crazy not me,
lazy hardly, God is within me,
the art is part of the black kid,
hopping out of the whips, mind on chips.

I got love for my fam, the grams I do not cook,
Holy scrolls keep me from falling into the eternal fire,
slowly smoke my cigarettes, assassins for hire, getting drunk with vets,
on the set not dreaming about drops and yachts, forget bets,
props my main issue, it is thin air like brain tissue,
disappear, me do not care, but beware approaching me,
fly like Fin air, the Asiatic bro be.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seek knowledge and wisdom.

Seek knowledge and wisdom, speak science,
to uplift, want to be rich like the bank,
of the Nile, God's people exist in the,
Garden of Eden, destroy triple six,
the descent of the Asiatic black man,
still smoking the microphone, blaze
in a hyper tone, amaze faces,
with the ingredients and the flavours,
for my peeps to get the papers,

The style profound, deep like the ocean,
flow with techniques, I bet vets,
get with this, stacks of math,
digital black book, the villain,
dropping without hooks, not stopping,
just listen, the Moet flow, in a position,
you are wishing, not just dissing,
accomplish the mission, the combat
in the concrete jungle, the calm kid,
playing humble, rapid rap fluid,
You know it and knew it, the true hits.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The hype kid.

From back to the front, I move the crowd,
no doubt, the hype kid that rips shows,
the flow stay tight, the soul is bright,
the goal is to fight, the power,
I eat great, work hard do not get played,
out for the cake, I wake the heads,
make through my talents, forget about being,
a felon, the melons are swollen, soldiers
are fallen, I am balling, you claim,
with the styles you have been stolen,

The golden shine when I drop my raps,
upon the crowd, enlighten with a dope aim,
mics getting ripped, no ice, more rice,
from a dice game, the precise tactics,
accurate I strike the fake with the wrath,
my path is laid to get bread, Ebonics,
super sonic, the calm kid is to drop,
bomb spit, from Iraq to Kuwait,
I was getting my weight up,
from selling weight, do not hesitate.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My ancestors.

Fine lines designed for me to shine,
my people fine dine, I grind,
rhymes combined with beats,
the streets is red hot, I am not,
slinging rocks but get bread,
without breaking a sweat,
the supreme knowledge I drop,
my ancestors created great civilizations,
the science of Gods and Earths,
gave me the birth,

I got knowledge to be street smart,
wisdom from the bible, overcome,
the system, my rivals arrive with rifles,
I control my soul, the original man's ritual,
be rhyming on a digital rhyme book,
without hooks, I leave wack rappers shook,
like a booty at a carnival,

Friday, January 8, 2010

My rhyme book is digital.

My rhyme book is digital, the cultural ritual,
the superior spiritual, wisdom for your system,
listen while I rap, dissing is crap,
read the facts, do not sleep, it is wack,
my slang is the bomb, this kid calm,
hype when it my time to spit,
rhyme fanatic, vocab is legit,
the slick format, mind on gold plaques,
use to smoke fat sacks, now that the garden
of Eden is here, I am aware, practise
my mind, soul and my body,

the hotties use to make my dome sky rocket,
now that I am looking for the next one,
my text is blessed son, I wreck with techniques,
checks flow, I am set, bro hip hop is alive,
some rappers are dead though, where you be at?
while my people bleed, I see through fakers,
they refuse to make, they can take,
but they never can touch my pride,
where I reside I never have to hide,
the true colours of my skin,
the position I am in makes me immune,
to your dissing, they just wishing,
the status I have, the math and the craft,
can not be mastered if you lack,
power to the people, God of the Israelites,
I praise.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The iron lion.

The original man's understanding is slamming,
set trend not getting bent, sober,
dope raps got cats in cobra clutch,
intense with sentence deeper than interest in a Benz,
immense how I make sense, build my empire,
from here to Zaire, work for every cent,
the gent, what I mean is what I meant,
time is money, funny how it flies,
I slide like a quantum physician,
the mission is to blaze the beat,

I am so hood, I am so street,
quite polite for fly ladies,
my brothers always get me right,
that is what keeps my family tight,
I twist the others, I shine my people too,
the truth shall be heard, from here to Zion,
I represent the Iron Lion.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Widom body.

I need no Buddha, my natural high is,
all about moohla, the wrecking techniques,
identical to no, although guns pop,
my people run for crumbs, sons catching bids,
I pray for the slain rappers and their family,
the main theme to not to hit the mainstream,
keep my status underground, bringing the thunder sound,
you wonder how I stay above the waters like a lotus.

I stimulate your thoughts, I brought my skills,
I got bills to pay, chill and droping knowledge,
dropped out the collage, still a street scholar,
dressed in Wally moccasin, style is street,
politics of the Asiatic kid is full of peaceful
thesis like Jesus, will the next hottie be my wisdom body?
but, I am street like Gotti.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keep hating.

If you keep hating my people, there would be,
no ground for you to stand on, use to rock,
South Pole pants, my mind state is hands on,
grand slams and now chicks want me like Uncle Sam,
land on tropical Islands, zoning from mid night,
to the early morn, known corn in plain form,
off the dome songs, cats sniff out there nose bone,
crap they into, They ain't being through the half,
what I have being through, I ain't rude, but do not test me.

The best be hot, you doubt you are sick,
the slick formatted dope raps for gold plaques,
I ball black, tight like a fitted,
hype like I am entrance, now rappers physic,
I pray to the God of Israelites, pistols blow,
my mic is loaded with vocals like a scud,
the ruff sounds, the brown skin kid keeps it real.

Monday, January 4, 2010

In the streets.

cats plot I got hot raps to drop,
nothing but dopeness, hoping for big bucks,
I see crazy ducks stuck, do not care,
I am aware, I stare at fine chickens,
in the streets it is going down,
crazy clowns are getting gassed,

massive plans are set up I get ahead,
for bread, I rhyme and combine soul and mind,
my body remains the temple, God's science,
I practice, attractive females I smile at,
soul be rich like the bank of the Nile,
it is all phat, the soul claps and all that.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Aim for dough.

In plain form aim for dough,
Moet flow, wetting rappers with the fluid,
You know it, style stay fat,
Praise the most high,
Asiatic black kid the most fly,
I ghost you with poems?
Known for grammar slinging,
Off the dome lyrics, no gimmicks,
The scripts I write,
Tight like a virgin,

More style for you pal,
Freestyles written to be hitting,
If my skin pales, I catch a tan,
Getting tipsy off the whiskey,
Me and my friends, intense sentence,
For a Benz I spit, moon is lit,
Goon creeping like a thief,
Thugging and hugging the culture,