Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Soul and mind combine.

I be at the coast, catching a sun tan,
no sweaters or heaters needed, not getting drunk,
or weeded, I serve rappers in a hurry like rice and curry,
vision never blurry, Use to rock South Pole pants and understanding,
of this Asiatic kid is advanced, dance to smooth tunes under the moonlight,
set the mood right, rhymes I shine with,
soul and mind combine, I see people fine dine,
I represent the whole nine, always something fresh to rap,

Smooth stepper, the brass drinking loud mouth story teller,
slick raps for everybody, I sling no shotty,
thugs crime like Gotti, rocking the party,
no one can stop me, do not care if you know karate,
my raps goes click clack what I am a paparazzi?

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