Friday, January 8, 2010

My rhyme book is digital.

My rhyme book is digital, the cultural ritual,
the superior spiritual, wisdom for your system,
listen while I rap, dissing is crap,
read the facts, do not sleep, it is wack,
my slang is the bomb, this kid calm,
hype when it my time to spit,
rhyme fanatic, vocab is legit,
the slick format, mind on gold plaques,
use to smoke fat sacks, now that the garden
of Eden is here, I am aware, practise
my mind, soul and my body,

the hotties use to make my dome sky rocket,
now that I am looking for the next one,
my text is blessed son, I wreck with techniques,
checks flow, I am set, bro hip hop is alive,
some rappers are dead though, where you be at?
while my people bleed, I see through fakers,
they refuse to make, they can take,
but they never can touch my pride,
where I reside I never have to hide,
the true colours of my skin,
the position I am in makes me immune,
to your dissing, they just wishing,
the status I have, the math and the craft,
can not be mastered if you lack,
power to the people, God of the Israelites,
I praise.

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