Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Widom body.

I need no Buddha, my natural high is,
all about moohla, the wrecking techniques,
identical to no, although guns pop,
my people run for crumbs, sons catching bids,
I pray for the slain rappers and their family,
the main theme to not to hit the mainstream,
keep my status underground, bringing the thunder sound,
you wonder how I stay above the waters like a lotus.

I stimulate your thoughts, I brought my skills,
I got bills to pay, chill and droping knowledge,
dropped out the collage, still a street scholar,
dressed in Wally moccasin, style is street,
politics of the Asiatic kid is full of peaceful
thesis like Jesus, will the next hottie be my wisdom body?
but, I am street like Gotti.

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