Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lyrical bomb spit.

My rhymes are sick like it is out of a Vietnam flick,
the Asiatic calm kid got lyrical bomb spit,
the hard hits I present invent and set trend,
with the hype flows, the for sure blow, and you know,
the style that is untouched, the roughness no bluffing,
split a Dutch and watch how I rhyme great raps designed,
check out the whole nine, so fine.

Check the dope sounds from the underground, while you wonder how,
I bring the thunder, now, gats spit like blauw, and I admit that I can spit,
the hype flows to show how this should be done,
I am not the one to clown around,
the glow of my chain is blinking,
just link and sink in your thoughts,

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