Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The hype kid.

From back to the front, I move the crowd,
no doubt, the hype kid that rips shows,
the flow stay tight, the soul is bright,
the goal is to fight, the power,
I eat great, work hard do not get played,
out for the cake, I wake the heads,
make through my talents, forget about being,
a felon, the melons are swollen, soldiers
are fallen, I am balling, you claim,
with the styles you have been stolen,

The golden shine when I drop my raps,
upon the crowd, enlighten with a dope aim,
mics getting ripped, no ice, more rice,
from a dice game, the precise tactics,
accurate I strike the fake with the wrath,
my path is laid to get bread, Ebonics,
super sonic, the calm kid is to drop,
bomb spit, from Iraq to Kuwait,
I was getting my weight up,
from selling weight, do not hesitate.

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