Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Serve the mankind.

Grind and rhyme all the time, no falling behind,
all soul and rhythm and blues and jazz, newest,
rapper out, I got clout, down with the underground,
Like a crown I shine, the ruler, the scholar who hollers,
showing true colours, flowing with styles,
low from the mainstream hype, the main thing to make hits,
I break like b-boy, for god's sake, my art great, spark like a scud,
mark the techniques, hard hitting and spitting ill formatted,
dope raps. fall back, I got cold facts, why fools like you all really paid,

The preservertists, serve the mankind,
angels with 7 swords, with the wrath,
and bless the righteous man, my people,
got the brightest plans, from goons under the full moon,
to hustlers, some need the slightest gram, we sharp like a harpoon,
fiends and thieves, guns and all the hype, now what the deal?
small time schemes grow, ball all the time, do not get between bro,
I am like a high roller, could of being a slave,
for Coca Cola, I choose the rhythm, let it hit them.

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