Monday, January 25, 2010

I got rhymes.

Word up, I see murder plots and cats that gets knocked,
Blocks with crack spots, I got rhymes and beats for the street to rock,
I talk no bull shit, ill raps that spit like a full clip,
the scripts are written to be hitting with freestyles,
in mean while sit back and watch, pop some scotch,
check out top notch hip hop, out to get props,

lyricism for heads to check, I wreck and rip with styles,
word to God I got to eat, It ain’t sweet,
I do not talk the talk if I can not walk to the beats,
My raps is the truth, metaphors are real,
Euphoric dope raps you can explore like the core of art of war,
I got to flow, for a higher cause I work without a pause,

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