Thursday, January 21, 2010

I witness.

Can not be stopped, the lyrics form like the articles,
the chronical, punch lines fly till it is bed time,
form here to Kuwait, I move my muscles and flex,
hop out of the whip, bomb graffiti text,
this kid cool and calm, I am a grown man with plans,
under the full moon to dope tunes and beats, soon I return,
to earn to burn, never turn my back on my people,
for instance I witness lots of snitching,
striking distance with those oppose the frozen cold flow,
in motion like a flick, ill poetry, grooves too slick,

The individual is the murder raps slinger, the gutter butter,
ill formatted dope rhyme thinker, never stutter,
in another words I am narcotics type of lines inker,
bragging boasting is the daily ritual,
tagging, tongue tosses and turns, of course the bosses max in flavour,
cross waters and borders for paper, thugs dream about chips,
grip the microphone and zone from midnight till the early morn,
sling for cheddar, word is bond.

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