Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seek knowledge and wisdom.

Seek knowledge and wisdom, speak science,
to uplift, want to be rich like the bank,
of the Nile, God's people exist in the,
Garden of Eden, destroy triple six,
the descent of the Asiatic black man,
still smoking the microphone, blaze
in a hyper tone, amaze faces,
with the ingredients and the flavours,
for my peeps to get the papers,

The style profound, deep like the ocean,
flow with techniques, I bet vets,
get with this, stacks of math,
digital black book, the villain,
dropping without hooks, not stopping,
just listen, the Moet flow, in a position,
you are wishing, not just dissing,
accomplish the mission, the combat
in the concrete jungle, the calm kid,
playing humble, rapid rap fluid,
You know it and knew it, the true hits.

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