Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ill with vocals.

Ill with the vocals, chill with kids wishing a soulful,
formatted dope raps, me I am all that, dressed in all black,
some need to fall back and do not stress the facts,
That I am holding down the underground, lyrics,
without gimmicks, the slick raps for you,
so grab your brew, gather up your crew,
hear, what I send through the wire, for a higher cause,
I work boss, hotter than chilly sauce,
pause rhythms, and begin with fly sentences,

Focus like a lens, doper slang, do not hang,
on every word I say, You might light herbs,
I do not play hate, I am on time without delay,
I spray like graffiti, from sub urban to the city,
got it on lock, the block knows my name,
aim for more fame, play the competition like a ball game,
no matter the weather, it is fat, I drop this for props,
use to rock Perry Ellis sweaters.

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