Saturday, January 16, 2010

Centre the mental.

I am a goon creeping under the full moon,
soon I find a tune to kick my slick raps,
sharp like a harpoon, spark the mic from mid night,
till noon, harsh like the third world,
smart creative original lyrics,
the slick convo no gimmicks,
thick vocals entire for ladies desire,
for my brothers I kick this with wisdom,
knowledge for the temple to uplift them,
centre the mental, lord,
I flex my next text the best way, soulful above the norm.

The position I am in you wishing,
catching tans while I am fishing,
intense with sentences no limits,
the gent not bent these days,
forget he says she says,
Check what I display, the visual,
I do not play hate, the ritual of bragging,
and boasting from coast to coast,
the host with most hype texts.

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