Thursday, January 14, 2010

The one man alliance.

I will rhyme; fine lines combine with beats,
ear to the streets, I pack no heat,
stack more lyrics; bust this for my peeps in Jeeps,
freestyle fanatic, who at this? It will be me,
free your minds; it is all science, the one man,
alliance, show you peace signs, crazy not me,
lazy hardly, God is within me,
the art is part of the black kid,
hopping out of the whips, mind on chips.

I got love for my fam, the grams I do not cook,
Holy scrolls keep me from falling into the eternal fire,
slowly smoke my cigarettes, assassins for hire, getting drunk with vets,
on the set not dreaming about drops and yachts, forget bets,
props my main issue, it is thin air like brain tissue,
disappear, me do not care, but beware approaching me,
fly like Fin air, the Asiatic bro be.

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