Monday, January 18, 2010

Where I am at.

Rap fast and slow, wrath blast and make dough,
where you be at? I make moves and fed up with drug plots,
massive murder rates, thieves and rapists,
kids scheme, teaming up, beaming and dreaming,
fiend for cream, the dollar slang, the street scholar,
with plans, holler for an anti blam, blam jam,
my hood is grimy, sudden deaths, cats take breath,

People die, slugs fly, young minds wasted,
green bags are rolled, actual facts,
coming at you, I bet you had to sweat to get where you be at,
why getting wet up, if can see through the set up,
some jokers are fake, we make and for god's sake,
for props and to rock the hot spots, I am focused,
like a lotus above the waters, my sound can not be,
unnoticed, the underground rapper, not a gun clapper,
what I got on my heart, is preserving the hip hop culture,
art of rapping just nod, I got the smarts to drop knowledge,
from the start, word to God, you heard the audio visual version,
I rap for props,

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