Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Capone and Noreaga.

This is one of my favourite rap duos of all time. They have given many contributions to the hip hop community. They released songs like T.O.N.Y, L.A, L.A, Driver seat and many more on their first album.

The solo projects were really successful. The solo album of Noreaga called N.O.R.E was partly produced by Capone. This album was really a success. This album contained songs such as Superthug and N.O.R.E. The beats are great. The video of Superthug is shot in a mansion and in a dessert. This beat is mad hype. The solo project of Capone called 'Pain, time and glory' is an underground hit. It contains many guest featurings of Grim team.

If you like east coast rap music this is the rap duo you got to check out. They are really shining in the rap music world.

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