Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I rhyme for mine.

It is on with my poems, songs from
dusk till dawn, I eat prawn,
zone from midnight till the early morn,
grown rapper put in work,
rappers get trapped, some straped,
the words I blend, like herbs and choclate,
the birds I don't cook, the inner city roughness,
the city seems grimy, I rhyme for mines,
I want sun shine, my thoughts are combined,
the fine raps for the kids to drop,
from the corners to the docks I get props,

The super rap hero, the dissy flow,
hear me, cheer me, I will set it off,
set you free like a kite, I am hype like,
a psyic, the type to invite, I get busy,
I do not bite, I unlike the most cats with toast,
out to brag and boast, on the tracks to quote,
the facts to paint like graffiti on a murl,
the serum for the snake bite, the fake type out to make papers right?
I practice the science of man, women and child,
the people need to know the civilization,
of the Asian, holding down the nation,

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