Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jay-Z is a great entrepreneur.

Shawn Corey Carter is also known as Jay-Z. He is a New York rapper and an intelligent
Businessman. He is one of the most successful businessman and a rapper. I think I like Jay-Z for being a businessman first. Because it is obvious that he brings that knowledge from the studio to the stage. I think it is important to rappers have some sort of foundation in working ethics.

I think rapper Jay-Z has a strong working ethic. He seems much disciplined in his behaviour. He works hard and this make the rap business go around. I think he is a dope rapper. That is a second thing I like about him. His flows changed through the years. On an early track with Big Daddy Kane and Big L he raps were fast and nowadays his raps seems to be no more show and improving with outdated flows. I am a fan of his clothing line called I think the watches are of the finest quality. He is also the owner of the New Jersey Nets.

He is originally from Marcy housing projects. He and AZ use to go school together. His nickname use to be Jazzy. This later became Jay-Z. He had much interest in music since the early stage. His musical master is known as Jaz-O.

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