Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inspiring Queens rappers.

I am mostly inspired by rappers from Queens. I think they have something special value to add to the hip hop community. I find that lyrically they have brought the allure of glitter and glamour to the stage. I think it is great they have Mafioso names.

For example Capone of CNN. He writes quite tight raps. He is also a great producer. I think this is great he is a multi talented rapper. I think Nas is also a great rapper with a mob name like Escobar. They all move like the mob and represent the mob. I think these rappers are keeping it real with the turn tables and the microphone they rock front of big crowds but also on block parties. Also relatively unknown rappers from Queens like Mussolini, Imam Thug and more rappers are representing a street vibe that is grim. They represent NYC well. On the album of Q.B's finest all the shine and allure of Q.B rappers shed light on the rap fans.

Q.B finest 2001 is a great track that brings much street vibe into the hearts of those who loves the Queensbridge rap. If you like check this video out click here.

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