Monday, November 30, 2009


Tragedy Khadafi is an American Rapper from Queens. He used to go by the name of Intelligent Hoodlum. He is born on 18 1971 in Queens New York. More names such as Capone and Noreaga, Nas and Cormega are all from Queens. His name reference to the Libyan head of state called Omar Qaddafi.

He had begun his career as Superkids with Hot Day. They released the single called 'Go Queensbridge' in the year of 1985. This made them left to discover by Queensbridge veteran Marly Marl. This made Khadafi a junior member of the Juice crew. He joined Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and MC Shan. Khadafi became a five percenter and went on working under the name Intelligent Hoodlum. He released very controversial album called Intelligent Hoodlum.

Later on he made a track with Capone and Noreaga called 'LA, LA'. This was a reaction to the Dogg Pound track called 'NY, NY'. In 2001 he released the album called 'Against all odds'. In 2003 he released the album called 'Still reporting'. In 2005 he released the album called 'Thug Matrix'. He also released 'Blood ballads' and 'Thug Matrix II'. I think Khadafi is a great rap talent form NY. He has not gained much commercial success, but he continues with serving dope raps to the fans.

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