Saturday, November 28, 2009

Capone and Noreaga.

In 1996 Capone and Noreaga signed a deal with Penalty records. They were featured in the unsigned hype column. In 1996 before the debut album was finished Capone went to prison for parole violation. Noreaga got help form various QB artists to finish the album. The War Report album contains great tracks like 'LA, LA' and 'Driverseat'.

This album was commercial and critical acclaim. Release of this album was a new beginning of the Gangster rap era of the east coast. In 1999 the second album was released this album was called 'The reunion'. This is a great album with famous guest appearances. In 2004 there was a mixtape released it was called 'what's up to the hood thugged out'. In 2005 Capone was released form his label called Def Jam. In the same year Capone recorded the album. 'Pain, Time and Glory'. In March 2009 CNN released the album called 'Channel 10'.

This Queens duo make dope hip hop music. Capone and Noreaga are childhood friends. They continue to bring hip hop music from New York to the next level. I think the solo projects of the duo are fruitful. I hope that this Queens duo stick together for long time to bring us dope hip hop music

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