Thursday, March 25, 2010

True hits stand on more corners than Rubicks cube,
rude spit hits harder than you think, smarter moves,
harder grooves, the Spartican, Shining like Re,
check the god agian, darker tan burning under the hot sun,
out for props, rock spots and blast harder than shots from glocks,
got more blocks on lock, from slums to the docks,
Your cook rocks raps are not all that, save the kids,

with your wack act you can fall back, the streets are filled with,
goons who creep under the full moon like a pack of wolfs,
make room or soon you will be doomed,
like a spell from a wicked witch, or you wanna see,
black Jason on Helloween on the Elm street,
get redder cause I have to, to the beats on time, don't nap dude,
this is rap true, further a due, label my moves smooth,
able to tell the rude truth, enigmatic fat raps, overcome setbacks.

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