Saturday, May 1, 2010

Never sell my soul.

The nappy headed king sling the pronounce that bounce,
on beats, go round and hold down my hood, never sell my soul,
it is all good I am down and make my name know through nouns and verbs,
the super sonic bomb spit you talk trash, I stay calm kid,
I brag about my skills, you brag and talk how you kill,
I stalk my pray and like RUN DMC I walk this way,
the blazing showcase for my peeps, I do not smoke weed,
no more pork, I pop cork, rock mics for a sport,

No one can stop me from rapping, It is in God's hand,
the advanced plans and smarter moves, tear the roof off,
the pure hip hop fan, no blam blam man, the Asiatic black kid,
rap this, no more practice I got it in my blood, flip quick for chips,
grip the microphone, rhyme in a hyper tone, drop an icy poem,
frozen more emotions in motion like the Indian ocean, posing
overdose of lyrical narcotics.

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