Thursday, December 31, 2009

By any means.

My hood grimy and kids rhyme for cheddar,
The weather is hot only in the summer,
We do not sweat, running with vets,
Getting props and rock spots, peeps,
Know how this Asiatic child glow,
The raw techniques, peak with hot style,
Wrist frozen, no emotions when it comes to pain,
Gain dough, in plain form serving the remedy,
What ever the situation, the Asian is phrasing.

Represent and blend with words like herbs,
Chocolate boy thunder, rappers getting hectic,
When I practice, read more psalms than a Baptist,
Active, the raps hit the fan, uplift and I admit,
We will be ripping shows and flows from here to Nazareth,
Style is tight like a skin on a teen, fiend for green,
Do this like Malcolm by any means.

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