Thursday, December 10, 2009

From Asia to Africa.

The craft, the math I present I invent,
The trend setting hip hop, rhymes and beats,
The streets seems the main attraction,
To get paid, I am made like a mobster,
You impostors, talk about your chips,
I stalk my enemies, the son of Sem,
Blend poetry and rhythm, front not,
I done lot of bad things, mood swings
Like a stock exchange, mind on copping,
More beats, getting props ain't nothing changed,

Rule and maintain, God is great,
I am getting more than gold chains,
The cold flame scorches your frame,
Peace to my people form Asia to Africa,
Where great civilizations are born,
Wisdom of my ancestor’s way above the norm,
Keep my mind set tight, God's knights,
Preserve the art from the heart,
The young philosophical prodigy,
Hardly seen, the scene shine,
I rhyme even it is sun shine or a eclipse,
It ain't no secret.

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