Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am not a Gambino.

I am not a Gambino running bets,
No sweat, no tears cheers to my peers,
I spill no beers, doing this for years,
Not yet a career, broke but my soul rich,
I cope and smoke, the Asian blazing,
Nothing funny mind on money, god's sound,
From the underground I pump, the hard raps,
Pull rappers card, black. the god's act
be ritual of the original man from Asia.

Peace to my people, bless me like Rakim,
I continue to stand online like a queue,
stand in between the crowd like an interlude,
groove smooth in the booth, black kid from Asia
connect with the sun, no guns needed, use to do dirt,
how bad was I poison my people for loot, now it hurts,
word to God; thank Him for this talent,
save me from jail, hail Haile Sallahsi,
I am so proud of the melanin of my skin,
I begin with sentences and for now this is the end.

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