Monday, December 21, 2009

I manifest.

I begin with sentences that is deep rooted in essence,
God's lessons I manifest with texts, max and chill,
Build with my peeps from the streets, ill individual,
The daily ritual, spiritual superior, the digital,
Rapper set the vibe, spit in a hype,
The humble type, flip easily when you get out of line,
Grind and combine thoughts with rhythm,

Spark likes the sun, for fun I bust this,
Chips come quick, easily create, till this date,
Sharp like a blade of Djengish Kahn,
Moonshine I use to sip and no more swallowing pork,
My game is tight like fitted; I am hitting my peeps off,
Play for keeps bro, worst comes worst, my people comes first,
Like Havoc said, the brethren with divine breath.

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