Monday, December 7, 2009

Eve the first lady of Ruff Ryders.

Eve Jihan Jeffers is a famous American rapper. She is born on 10 November 1978. She is a rapper/singer/actress. Her first three albums sold 30 million units world wide. She has her own show called EVE. This lasted for three seasons. She is the proud owner of the clothing line called 'Fetish'.

She started in high school with an all-female group called EDGP. Later on she went solo as Eve of Destruction. She formed a singing crew she sang in choirs. The manager of the singing crew suggested that she picked up rapping. She went solo and started to perfect the art of rapping. She gave up school and she worked as a stripper and she met Mase and he requested that Eve give up stripping and become a professional rapper. She has worked with the Roots.

In 2001 her first album came out. It was called Scorpion. In 2002 the album called Eve-Olution came out. In 2007 the album called 'Here I Am to Flirt'. She has acted many parts. In the movie Barbershop she played the role of Terri Jones. In the movie called XXX she played the part of JJ. I think EVE is nice she reminds me of my elder niece. I think she is a pleasant company to be around. She is mad pretty.

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